SOLIDARITY TO OUR COLLEGUES IN UKRAINE. The Black Sea project is a project of communication, academic dialogue and scientific exchange, to bring
scholars together beyond borders: Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Turks, Georgians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Moldavians.
There is no East and West. There is ONE WORLD. Let the War END
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Legal framework – foundation ordinances of ports and cities RU
Administrative Hierarchies RU
Governors-Mayors-Port Masters
Governor-Generals RU
Governors of a town
Mayors RU
Port masters
Municipal councils RU
Town council
Provincial office of city affairs
Committees of the municipality RU
Merchant courts of Justice
Chamber of Shipping
Foreign Consuls
The consulates RU
The consuls RU
Selected consuls RU
Urban Landscape & Geography
Urban landscape
City plans RU
Private and public buildings RU
Descriptions of buildings RU
Hospitals-Sanatoriums- Baths RU
Descriptions of hospitals RU
Descriptions of sanatoriums
Descriptions of baths
Hotels RU
Descriptions of hotels RU
Prisons RU
Descriptions of the city RU
Authors-Travellers RU
The hinterland of the port-city
The maritime region of the port-city
The maritime environment of the region
The fish population of the Azov Sea EN
The fish population of the Azov Sea: The Kuban estuary EN
The fish population of the Azov Sea: The Don estuary EN
The fish population of the Azov Sea: Caviar and other side products EN
The fish population of the Azov Sea: Sturgeons EN
The fish population of the Azov Sea: The Strait of Kerch – environmental EN
The fish population of the northern shore of the Black Sea: Crimea
The Port
Organization and administration of Port Authorities
Warehouses RU
Wharves RU
Dredgers RU
Cranes RU
Lighthouses RU
Quarantines, hospitals RU
Port maps
Import and export taxes
Port workers and port unions RU
Culture & Community
City’s cultural life RU
Theaters / Cinemas / Cultural clubs
Theaters’ history RU
Cinemas’ history RU
Cultural clubs’ history RU
Communal organizations
Greek community
Jewish community RU
Armenian community
Bulgarian community
Polish community
German community RU
Churches, Houses of Worship, Urban Monasteries RU
History of churches RU
Synagogues RU
History of synagogues RU
History of mosques
Education and Philanthropy
List of Schools RU
History RU
Philanthropic and charitable organizations
List of organisations RU
History RU
Economy & Infrastructure
Merchants RU
Export and import trade companies
History RU
Entrepreneurial families
Biographies and activity RU
Exchange-bourse RU
Industries RU
History of industries RU
Insurance companies RU
History RU
History of banks RU
Railways RU
Road transportation network
River network
Steam shipping and navigation companies
Histories RU
Postal and telegraph networks
Postal network RU
Telegraph network RU
Public Services
Petroleum RU
Electricity RU
Water RU
Sewage RU
Trash removal RU
Demography & statistical data on population RU
Composition of population by ethnicity RU
Composition of population by religion RU
Agricultural produce RU
Prices of grain exports RU
Entrances & clearances of the ports RU
Exports and imports EN GR RU
Registered ships
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