SOLIDARITY TO OUR COLLEGUES IN UKRAINE. The Black Sea project is a project of communication, academic dialogue and scientific exchange, to bring
scholars together beyond borders: Ukrainians, Russians, Greeks, Turks, Georgians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Moldavians.
There is no East and West. There is ONE WORLD. Let the War END
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Economy & Infrastructure    

Merchants RU
Export and import trade companies RU
History RU
Entrepreneurial families RU
Biographies and activity RU
Exchange-bourse RU
Industries RU
History of industries RU
Insurance companies RU
History RU
Banks RU
History of banks RU
Tourism RU
Railways RU
Road transportation network RU
River network
Steam shipping and navigation companies RU
Histories RU
Postal and telegraph networks
Postal network RU
Telegraph network RU
Public Services RU
Petroleum RU
Oil RU
Gas RU
Electricity RU
Water RU
Sewage RU
Trash removal RU