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Until 1895 in Bourgas port lacks any stone-build quay. The only port facilities are scaffolding - primitive wooden bridges into the sea for the passing of passengers and the carriage of goods. These wooden constructions did not provide any protection from the easterly winds that are the biggest problem for Bourgas port. Construction of a modern port facility in Burgas started in the mid-90s of XIX century. After several auctions, the work was eventually awarded to the Belgian company 'A. Cass and A. Likens "(" A. Casse et H. Lickens "), and the project was made by French engineer from Marseille Gerar Adolf (Adolph Guérard), the same who drafted the project for the port of Varna port, completed three years after that of Burgas. The decision of the National Assembly to start the construction of the port of Burgas was published in the "Official Gazette" of January 14, 1895. In the course of the construction activities the Belgian company builder was replaced by the French "La Société de Construction des Batignolles", which completed the work in five years - from 1 June 1898 until the beginning of May 1903. The amount for the construction of the port was increased and reached 6,742,300 gold Bulgarian lev. The modern port of Bourgas port was completed and officially opened by the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand on May 18, 1903. [1]


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