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In 1872, the Filekpaideytikos Syllogos Varnis (educational club) was founded by incoming and local Greeks of Varna, presided by the Orthodox Archbishop. The activities of the educational club (which functioned until 1880) included the foundation of Greek schools in the poor neighborhoods and the province of Varna and the support of poor pupils with educational material.  Another Greek charitable organization (Filoptohos Elliniki Adelfotis) was founded in 1890. Its activities included the care for around 250 poor pupils of the Greek school, offering books and cloths for Christmas and Easter celebrations. Finally, in 1900, the Charitable Union of the Ladies (Filanthropiki Enosis Kyrion) was founded with similar philanthropic and educational activities for the female children of the community. Apart from these organizations, the Greek community had a special fund for its poor members (Tameion Ptohon) and mobilized its resources and institutions in extraordinary cases, as e.g. in 1877, in support of the incoming Gagauz (Turkophone Orthodox) refuges, who managed to flee Kavarna during the massacres there committed by Cherkes and Tatar irregulars during the Russian-Turkish war. 




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