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Until the establishment of the modern Bulgarian state in 1878, the social and political life in Varna was based on the principle of self-governance of the diverse ethno-religious communities, as it was in all other towns and villages of the Ottoman Empire. The processes leading to the establishment of modern type urban government, were initiated in the mid-19 century Tanzimat Reform period, with the establishment of Councils (meclis), consultative bodies to the local governor, comprised by representatives of all religious communities. These bodies did not confine themselves to the urban affairs, they were not specifically urban government institutions. Such institutions (belediye) were created in the Ottoman cities (in Varna also), in the late 1860s and the 1870s.

On October 23, 1878 Paul Baumgarten – Governor of the Province of Varna under the Temporary Russian Administration, issued the decree which created the City Council of Varna, consisting of the following persons: president Petar Popov and members: Yanaki Buyukluoglu, Mehmet Efendi and Ovanes Apelyan, Mosko Petrov (cashier) and Andea Iliev (clerk). The same decree stipulated the appointment of a County Board based in Varna and composed of: Sava I. Dobroplodni, who was president, and members: Nikolai Parasko, Halil Efendi Muliazim and Dimitar Ikonomov (member-secretary). Therefore October 23, 1878 can be regarded as the “birthday” of the municipality of Varna after Bulgarian autonomy. On the same day the newly appointed Municipal Council accepted the documents from the building of the konak, the cash and the movable and immovable municipal property from the old city government[1].


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