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In the Ottoman Empire, municipal and state functions were not separated from each other for a long time, and cities were governed by officials appointed by the emperor that represented him. This classical administrative structure continued in Anatolia and other eastern cities until the 19th century.[1] Introduction of modern municipalism to Turkey took place with the Edict of Gülhane in 1839.[2] Until the emergence of modern municipalism in the country, municipal services were provided by foundations that were formed based on charity and cooperation. Thus, public works serving public needs created a bond between the upper or ruling class and the people.[3]

In 1854, the Şehremaneti (early Ottoman municipality), which is considered to be the predecessor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was established, and it was presided by a şehremini ("Mayor" in Ottoman Turkish). It subsequently turned to the Altıncı Dâire-i Belediyye (the Sixth Municipal District) following the Paris example, and then in 1864, meclis-i beledîler (municipal councils) that laid the foundation of modern municipalism were opened pursuant to the Vilayet (province) Law of 1864.[4]

Following the Vilayet Law, the establishment of a municipal organisation in Giresun is stated in the 1869 Annual of Trabzon.[5] The Mayors who held office in the District of Giresun between the years of 1869 and 1909 are listed below:

  1. Abdullah Bey (1869-1870)[6]
  2. Pastırmacıoğlu Mustafa Efendi (1875 – 1877)[7]
  3. Beyazıtoğlu Mahmut Kaptan (1877 – 1881)[8]
  4. Bekir Efendi (1881-1885)[9]
  5. Kaptan Yorgi Konstantindi Pasha (1885-1904)[10]

Among the mayors listed, undoubtedly the most influential and remarkable one was Yorgi Pasha. He successfully governed the city for an uninterrupted period of 18 years. He carried out many public services including roads, municipal water, schools, etc., and he prevented non-Muslims from immigrating to Russia. The Sultan of the time, Abdul Hamid II, appointed Yorgi Pasha as the lifelong mayor of the city because of his much appreciated services.[11]


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