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History of synagogues    EN


The Jewish community built in 1852 a synagogue on Marc Aureliu Street, destroyed when systematisation works started. As it was insufficient for the needs of the growing community, it took in 1863 the initiative to build a coral temple on Al. I. Cuza Street, but the municipality refused to give its approval for the site. The efforts were resumed in 1880 by a committee presided by R. Flachs and the Coral Temple was inaugurated in August 1885, in the presence of Rabi Dr Moses Gaster. The religious service was celebrated according to the coral system, led by a cantor and a second cantor, and the vocal chorus was accompanied by an organ. The temple belonged to a society called the “Society of the Coral Israelite Temple from Cuza Vodă Street”[1]. The synagogue was an impressive building, and the ground floor had 390 seats for men and 352 for women. The edifice was severely damaged at the 1940 earthquake, and was thereafter demolished.

In 1883 there was also constructed a synagogue on Dornei St.[2]. The religious services were done according to the old system, every temple being administered by its own proper committee[3].

Besides them, there were numerous other smaller temples (belonging to guilds of craftsmen, such as the synagogues of the cab drivers, of tailors, of ironsmiths, etc.[4]. Nowadays there’s only one synagogue that survived the in Galaţi – the Craftsmen’ Temple.

Picture The Craftsmen’ Temple

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