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The Armenians were among the oldest settlers in Galaţi and they had already constructed a church and possibly had a local bishop by the 17th century. This church or another one existed in late 18th century, when it received a donation. In 1808 there were 30 Armenian houses in the neighbourhood, gathered around the Armenian Church which was burnt in 1821[1]. The number of believers remained rather constant throughout the 19th century, numbering 254 believers in 1882 and 265 in 1890, but we have no information regarding their organisation as a juridical community.

Most Armenians were involved in trade and other local enterprises. In 1779 two Moldavian Armenians, Muses and Ovanez Căracaş, owned a slaughterhouse at Galaţi, and several of their brethren were involved in commercial exchanges with Constantinople[2]. The community remained gathered around the church, which was rebuilt in wood and was replaced in 1850 with the actual one[3]. An Armenian school existed in 1839, and another primary school was functional in 1851[4].

During the period 1889–1906 an Armenian printing press was functional at Galaţi, thanks to the efforts of priest Leon Papazian[5].


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