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Export and import trade companies    EN


Among the earliest wholesalers established in Burgas in the middle and in the third quarter of XIX century are the following: the brothers George and Stephan Zhechkov (native of Sliven), Sava Hadzhidechev (born in Stara Zagora), Yani Rusaliev Dimitar Brakalov (a native of Kalofer) Koycho Raikov, Nicolas Subev Kamburov (Kotel), Alexander Georgiev Kodzhakafaliyata (born in. Zidarovo) Nenko Popov (born in Kotel) Danailo, Palimeris, Zhapalo, Tashanli, Komnilos Bilis, Janko Presenta a.o.. The latter founded in 1870 a trading house for export of cereals and banking headquartered in Istanbul and having branches in Burgas and Karnobat. In the late 1870s and 80s of XIX, the following wholesalers corn-chandlers own trading companies in Burgas: Arkady Dimitrakopoulos, Andrea Valiano (from Marseille), Creole Trandafilov, Kostaki, Nicholas and Socrates Psilyari, Nicolas Karambitis. As wholesalers of colonial goods appear Dimitar Haralambos, Creole Trandafilov, St. Tsitsilya, Yani Sariev, Phocion Plitas, Stilian Pavlidis, D. D. Arnaoudov etc . Wholesalers of manufactured goods are: Ann. Laskaridi, Kostaki Frangopulo, Zafiraki Yoanidi, Kiryako Hadzhopulo, Elia and Nesim Hasson and others. [1]


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