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History of mosques    EN


The earliest record of the existence of a mosque in Burgas is from 1726-1727 (the mosque of Gazi Ali Pasha). In 1829 in Burgas has 2 mosques, and in 1878 - 3 fairly modest in appearance mosques.

The mosque "Kalach Ali" (the mosque of Gazi Ali Pasha) had a dome and a minaret 15 meters high. It was destroyed in 1889. Another old mosque was Mustafa Agha Zadeh Chiles probably built in the early 19th century. Built of stone size 21/13 m. its minaret was about 20 meters high and attached to the building from the west-southwest. Completely renovated in the period 1860-1870, the third known mosque in the city was called "Azizie". The mosque was built in 1861-1862, at the Tatar quarter. It had a modest minaret around 12 meters. The minaret was knocked down in 1942, and the main part of the building of "Azizie" was demolished in the 1970s. [1]


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