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Lighthouses    EN


A lighthouse in Burgas Bay was built in the last quarter of the 19th century. It was erected on the island "Saint Anastasia" from the French company "Michel et Collas", which in the middle of the 19th century signed a contract with the Sublime Porte for the construction and operation of lighthouses, creating thus the "Company of the Lighthouses in the Ottoman Empire "(" Compagnie des Phares de l'Empire Ottoman "). The lighthouse was officially inaugurated on August 15, 1888. It was intended to serve ships entering and leaving the port of Bourgas and had the following qualifications: 7th grade optical equipment; 30 cm diameter; it possessed two permanent lights placed one above the other on an iron pillar; it was 40 meters high above sea level; in good weather it could be seen from a distance of 10 sea miles. For the construction of the lighthouse the company spent 8050 leva. The annual cost of repair and maintenance of the lighthouse amounted to 2150 leva. [1]


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