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The first wooden quay of Burgas port was located to the West of the Little (Burgas) Cape. Old main roads either directly from the countryside or through the city led to this point. Later on the center of the port shifts to the West, in front of today's garden near the railway station. The main wooden quays of this port were two – that of the "customs" and that of the "quarantine". In 1878 they were prolonged by Russian troops to the double size. After 1880 however, they were again shortened (respectively 55 and 43 meters), probably due to their expensive maintenance. As the largest vessels were able to approach only 650 meters from the shore, the transfer of passengers and goods was carried out through small local boats, "drawn" by rowers. During the years until the construction of modern Burgas port in the early XX century the number of wooden quays increased (according to a description from 1879 at the time they were 8), as besides the two main wooden quays there were built smaller ones serving directly the large warehouses on the shore. [1]


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