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The maritime region of the port-city    EN


The gulf of Burgas is the biggest gulf of the Western Black-Sea coast and one of the biggest in the Black Sea in general. The northernmost point is the quay of the port of Pomorie (Anchialo), while the southernmost is the cape Akin. The gulf of Burgas has 41 km width and 25 meters maximal depth. Apart from Burgas, the towns of Pomorie (Anchialo), Sozopol and Nesebar (Mesimvria) are also situated in the gulf of Burgas. The gulf becomes narrow towards the west (here is the westernmost point of the Black Sea). Whereas the northern shore is lower and has two large peninsulas (Nesebar and Pomorie), the southern part of the gulf is rougher and has small gulfs and capes. The water is 17% salty and the sand is of magnetic origin.
The lakes of Burgas are situated in the moist zone to the west.
There are several small islands in the gulf of Burgas: St. Ivan island, Sv. Anastasia, Sv. Petar and the Snake island, known also as St. Thomas island.