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Descriptions of hospitals    EN


According to one view, a hospital was arranged in Burgas before 1829. It was a hospital for sick of the plague of the Russian army during the military campaign in 1828–1829. It was attended by the Russian army chief Field Marshal Dibich named “Zabalkanski”.

In 1880, the hospital in Burgas was located a few meters away from the entrance of today's central beach of the city, above the alley. It is unclear whether this hospital was entirely built in 1879 or it was a renovation of an old Ottoman one. The building has a size 29/14 m. Its foundations were masonry with rough stones, about a meter above the ground, fortified by wooden props (belts) of oak and hand-forged nails. It was used as a hospital in the city until the end of the 19th century[1]. Descriptions of baths

By Decree of the Bulgarian Prince Ferdinand of November 30, 1899, promulgated in January 1900, the mineral baths near Aytos were given for management and use to the Burgas municipality[2].


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