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City plans    EN


The oldest known plans, lithographs and photographs of Burgas are: a plan made by Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke (1829); an engraving made by Auguste-Joseph Désarnod (1829); an English engraving published in “The Illustrated London new” in 1853–1854; an engraving made by Eug. Ciceri et F. Benoist a drawing of Durand-Brager (perhaps in 1854); an engraving published in “L’Illustration” in 1854; a photo of port of Burgas, perhaps made in 1885; an aquarelle made by R. Alt (1889–1897)[1].


[1] Карайотов, И., Ст. Райчевски, М. Иванов. История на Бургас. От древността до средата на XX в. Бургас, 2011, с. 141–143.